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Pepe's Kitchen is founded by Mae who hosts Filipino Supper Club and Pop up in the heart of London. Serving you traditional Philippine cuisine. Mae named her food venture after her late father 'Pepe' who taught and inspired her to cook Filipino food.


What is Filipino Food?! To understand Filipino food is to know the rich history of Philippines, the culture and the people. The country consists of 7000 plus islands surrounded with water; the ocean, streams and rivers. The indigenous people used these coasts to barter with neighbouring countries. The Arabs from Middle East, Indians, Chinese, Malay and the two colonial countries Spain, including Latin American countries like Mexico and Cuba and United States. They came with their boats and brought with them different goods as well as different ingredients. For example our noodle dishes are influenced by the Chinese merchats who were bartering in our shores and decided to stay in the country to set up businesses. Along with them are the recipes to make Chinese food, he then makes these recipe using local ingredients and revolutionised his recipe which made it Filipino! Of course we have many dishes that are truly Filipino too.


Philippines is a melting pot.. literally with so many influences coming from different countries. Our dishes ranges from stews, noodles, fresh seafood, fermented fish and plenty of fresh vegetables!


Mae hosted Supperclubs and Pop up since 2011 with plenty of experience in the kitchen. She also hosted residences in London including a 3 month in Sun and 13 (Soho) and Trailer Happiness (Portobello)


Throughout the years she has been featured by different magazines and newspapers both UK and in Philippines. She was also spotted on UKTV Food for New British Kitchens show and BBC2 for Mary Berry's Easter Feast cooking alongside Mary making Lechon (fragrant slow roasted pork belly).

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by Pepe's Kitchen

For those who are wondering “What is Filipino food?” Many are the times we’ve heard this question being asked. Of all the Southeast Asian cuisines, Filipino is arguably the least known in the UK, and... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen

Come and Enjoy the most popular dish in the Philippines! Lechon (whole roasted pig) is mostly served as a centre piece at fiestas, wedding and birthdays in the Philippines. We are very excited to... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen

Word on the street PK is doing another Supper Club. whoop whoop! We are hosting a Filipino Street Food feast for the Action Against Hunger "Supperheroes" campaign 2013.

This will be the first time... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen


Hello everyone! You probably saw the recent news about the typhoon Haiyan
(locally known as Yolanda) in the Philippines and how it destroyed many parts
of the Visayan region. This is... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen

To all my lovely people, we have a food stall @ 5footway SE Asian Street Food
Festival this saturday from 12pm to 6pm. Yep you guessed it! We will be
selling some Filipino food on the day so make... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen

**The Philippines** is finally in the news, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons: the terrible tragedy that **Typhoon Haiyan** has inflicted upon our country. Rather than seeing the beautiful... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen

**A fabulous Filipino feast to celebrate independence. BYOB.**

The history of the Philippine's has helped mould the sumptuous, colourful
Filipino food we know today.
... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen

We all love '**Orange Wednesdays**' we can watch the latest movies and hang
out with friends. Here's a new thing…how about '**Filipino Wednesdays**' for
some Filipino tapas and cocktails before or... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen

This is the last part of our Eat Philippines Supperclub series. Our Luzon and
Visayas supperclub went swimmingly and my guests enjoyed their food as well as
learning & trying something new about the... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen

Hello! Welcome to our monthly Filipino Supper Club!

Come and join us for a wide variety of traditional Filipino dishes, from
regional to street food served in one sitting at an easy to get to... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen

We are very excited for our June Pop up not only it's in a great location but
also it's our summer menu!

Since chef Mae's appearance on Mary Berry's Easter feast making her Filipino
Lechon (slow... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen

An exciting collaboration with Mae from Pepe's Kitchen and a new cook in town;
Nicole, a passionate Malaysian homecook and student who loves to share her

We will serve 3 courses of... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen

Hello Everyone!

I have been meaning to do a brunch meal for a long time now and I am very
excited as this menu brings a different side on Filipino food. We love our
rice and of course it's suiting... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen

Why do Filipinos celebrate "Noche Buena"?

Join us for a Filipino Christmas feast (with a little western influences like
the xmas crackers!), experience what it's like to be around the Filipino... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen

A year since Mae appeared on BBC for Mary Berry's Easter Feast, Mae showed
Mary how to make Filipino Lechon (slow roasted pork belly) and how Filipinos
celebrate Easter Sunday. Mae is recreating this... Read more

by Pepe's Kitchen

After the success of our last event in April we are hosting another night of
Filipino Food and Surprises!

... Read more




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Fabulous evening of food and company

Rating: 9

Eddie attended Filipino Seafood Dinner in April 2016, reviewed on 1 May 2016

This was our first experience of Filipino food and what a delight it was. Our hosts were very welcoming, it was great to be able to hear about the dishes being served.
The food served was delicious and beautifully presented.

We are looking forward to the next supper club meal by pepes kitchen with Mae and Adrian.

Teresa and Anna

Haiyan fundraiser

Rating: 8

maria attended Typhoon Haiyan Relief Pop-up Restaurant in December 2013, reviewed on 4 December 2013

I enjoyed myself at this event seeing friends and meeting new people. The wine was very good though pricey. Most of the food was individually delicious although I felt that there was no balance. It was quite heavy on pork from starters to main course. Laing is normally served as a side dish , not as a course. As such, it's saltiness was not neutralised/ balanced by rice and other dishes that should have gone with it. I wonder whether it was due to logistics of a tapas restaurant not having dinner plates? A Filipino salad of tomatoes and cucumbers would have added a refreshing taste to the palate. The desserts were yummy - i felt sorry not to have room left to finish my cake which was a generosity portion!
We arrived hungry and certainly left replete!
We hope the event provided many bancas for poor fishermen who lost their livelihood due to Haiyan. Please let us know how much was raised. Well done to all of you for your generosity in organising a worthwhile event. Thank you.

It was a great experience!

Rating: 9

negsanak attended Typhoon Haiyan Relief Pop-up Restaurant in December 2013, reviewed on 3 December 2013

For a pop-up dinner, the quality of food was amazing! I have a tiny feedback which are in no way meant to criticise but hopefully help in any future event:

The laing was good and really liked the chilli kick to it however I found the laing too salty for my taste.

The colombian empanadas were alright but the cornmeal pastries were too heavy for my liking. I guess it just didn't work for me.

Overall it was a very enjoyable experience!

Wonderful idea, wonderful food, wonderful evening!

Rating: 10

binx156 attended Typhoon Haiyan Relief Pop-up Restaurant in December 2013, reviewed on 3 December 2013

This was a really an evening to remember! Organised beautifully, the event featured absolutely gorgeous Filipino food and an array of hardworking folk really keen on helping the Philippines. It was truly spectacular.