Russian Revels


Dear friends and tovarischi,

This is an invitation to be part of a revolution quite unlike anything this Big Old Smoke has witnessed before…

Dreary Soviet canteens, dollops of insipid mayonnaise, and the need to glug it all down with vodka – this stereotype is not what Eastern European cuisine is all about.

We are two Russians who want to revolutionise the image of Russian food, by serving light, luscious and sexy Slavic dishes at characterful venues across London.
But there is more…

We want to tell you a story alongside the food you eat. From Soviet pop art and midnight readings of turn-of-the-century poetry, to screenings of black-and-white Russian spy films and kitsch cabaret performances.

Besides, food has never fed the belly alone.

We are:

Katrina writes a blog The Gastronomical Me ( about Russo-Soviet food. She is a food anthropologist with a healthy appreciation of all things fat-related – lardo, bone marrow, beef dripping, all these glorious things – and a love for a story, with and in your food.Katrina started running the underground Russian restaurant in early 2011 in her home in North London. Now ready to inflict the joys on the wider audiences.

Karina has just recently published ‘Russia on a plate’, a book about Russian way of life through food with a brand new collection of recipes inspired by childhood memories and ingredients from around ex-Soviet Union. She loves food – eating it or feeding others – and is always hungry for new projects as long as food and Russia feature. Karina also has a peculiar love for mayonnaise; be it value, gourmet, or home-made. Emulsified eggs with oil is the spice of life…

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Supperclub Summit

by Russian Revels

Ostalgie, or Soviet chic dinner. Russian glamorous dining, and then some…

Russian Revels are two Russians revolutionising the image of Eastern-European food, by serving light, luscious and sexy... Read more

by Russian Revels

Any Soviet pioneer would tell you that a new year - really - starts in September.

Russian Revels are inviting you to embrace this new autumn in style and a sense of wonder you still hopefully... Read more

by Russian Revels

Anna Karenina infatuation is upon us, whether we are prepared to admit that Keira looks rather fetching in fur coats, or not.

And so we could not resist...

... Read more

by Russian Revels

‘Yes, Mr Bond, thick Russian accent, statuesque girls in LBDs*, cabare and shaken – not stirred – vodka cocktails are on the cards’

Assignment time:
... Read more

by Russian Revels

‘Yes, Mr Bond, thick Russian accent, statuesque girls in LBDs*, cabare and shaken – not stirred – vodka cocktails are on the cards’

Assignment time:

7.30 pm 4 December 2012 - arrive.... Read more

by Russian Revels

Shocking, provocative, political and artful, the first form of art for the masses - the Futurist movement originated in pre-Fascismo Italy and spread all the way to not-quite-communist Russia in the... Read more

by Russian Revels

A little (stand up and dance around) dinner inspired by 1920s Soviet
underground dining and famous humorist novella '12 chairs'.

NB: part of the now iconic Bourne and Hollingsworth 920s... Read more

by Russian Revels

We cook food from the 'New East' \- from the Baltics via Moscow to Georgia,
drawing on our roots, inspired by the culinary world of this great city!
... Read more

by Russian Revels

We cook food from the 'New East' - from the Baltics, via Moscow to Caucasian

mountains drawing on our heritage and always telling a story along side the

food. Food never feeds the belly alone… ... Read more





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Sumptuous, different and divine. Great value and fun in every way.

Rating: 8

Mungo attended Anna Karenina dinner. in October 2012, reviewed on 10 October 2012

Having experienced a small taster of the fun and delights of Russian Revels at a lovely 'mingling' event a few weeks ago - it was with gusto that I booked a pair of tickets to this night.

It was everything advertised and more. The food was wonderful in its own right, but surrounded by interesting company and the hosting of Katrina and Karina the night was elevated in to much more than the food alone.

The surroundings and decor of Mari Vanna in Knightsbridge couldn't have been better suited with polka dot and white plimsol attired waitresses bringing a touch of ever so slightly kinky old-school Russia style to the serving. The candles, crockery, chandeliers and melted wax on the tables transported us back to the days of Anna Karenina as we descended to the private dining room of London's finest Russian restuarant...

The hosts accomodated a lactose-intolerant friend of mine with aplomb, as they did vegetarians and the modern mix of variety of dietary challenges. Every dish was introduced with romance and history - matched with outstanding quality - making the evening being something rather special.

Plus who needs an excuse to put on the purple velvet, fures and diamonds and experience a little of the life the Tzars before their fall?

A big thumbs up from a new-school fan of these nights. More please!

Wonderful welcome, lovely people

Rating: 8

Mungo attended Russian Revels mingling club. in September 2012, reviewed on 20 September 2012

Just a quick note of thanks for a wonderful evening. Everyone I met was lovely as they were interesting and overall I had a terrific time.

Loved the nibbles and general friendly atmosphere complimented with impeccable hosting.

The photographs from Ana got a bit lost in the general melee and it would have been nice to hear a bit more about her background, but can understand the language issues and getting everyone's atttention.

Overall superb and look forward to the next one!

Best wishes to all,