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Cult Events lives and breathes pop-up culture. Today more than ever we all demand to be engaged on as many levels as possible, immersing ourselves into forms of culture through enriching real life experiences.

Spanning across creative set designers, mixologists, chefs and event managers, our team is unique, passionate and always ready to take on a new challenge.

We are committed, fast and flexible, ready to execute high quality events for guests of all backgrounds.

Everything we do is customized: from the initial concept to product development, branding and promotion. Our events are tailored to make audiences excited and active - walking away with the buzz of a new experience in their heads.

Whether you are looking to build one off events, pop ups, permanent or temporary fixtures, we can make it memorable.

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by Cult Events

Cult's head chef Ian Ballantyne (The Candlestick Maker) is back once again for another formidable supperclub experience!

This time, using his creativity and cheffing skills to play around with the... Read more

by Cult Events

Banquet in a cosy, candle lit warehouse in Hackney Wick, accompanied by fine
wines, music and in the company of the veal farmer.

... Read more

by Cult Events

Central Foundation Boys School

15 February 2014 Read more

by Cult Events

Having been witness to some of London's most innovative dining experiences
(Gingerline, Art of Dining, Future Cinema etc.) as well as being motivated by
the world's cutting edge restaurants Cult's... Read more

by Cult Events

Join us for a night of British American tapas, back stage in the Green Room at
the iconic House of Vans London. Eat your dinner where Dave Grohl drank his
gin and juice, and where public enemy chowed... Read more

by Cult Events

Join us for a night of British American tapas back stage in the Green Room at
the iconic House of Vans London. Eat your dinner where Dave Grohl drank his
gin and juice, and where public enemy chowed... Read more




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Ramblings of an Inner City Working Girl!: Pisco Fuego!

25 Jun 13 by Ramblings of an Inner City Working Girl!

If this is a cult, i'm a disciple

Rating: 10

YKW attended Pisco Fuego in May 2013, reviewed on 23 May 2013

It's surely a testament to Chef Ian Ballantyne's talents and demonstrable heaps of passion, that although my friends and i were engaged in a heated and fairly vocal row at the start of the evening (sorry about that fellow diners), we never actually stopped eating. In fact, despite the rising emotions - or is that further evidence to the success of this Latin spirited night? - i remember enjoying every morsel, my appetite refusing to leave me.
The venue was perfectly arranged by Cult Events - the staff friendly and attentive but never overbearing, facilities beautifully decorated and practically comfortable - everything had been thought through to allow us diners to have the ultimate relaxed atmospheric experience, even down to the finger-picking guitarist who was ushered out at the start of the meal, as to not overwhelm the table nearest to him (us).
The food, then. I mean just look at the menu. Watching chef Ian in the open kitchen putting it all together, timing it perfectly with complete focus and dedication to each dish, i did not doubt we were in good hands. The flavours were unique, each dish utterly traditional but with a twist to take your breath away - empanadas, of course, but made of puff pastry and cumin spiced to balance the sweetness of meat and roast peppers filling - what! Spicy tamales naturally, but chard encased - you're twisting my melon man!
I've never been shy about my borderline inappropriate feelings towards pork, in particular of the roast kind, and here was no exception. Although i thought taking more than my fair share of this gelatinous loveliness would ensure satisfaction, i was not prepared for the barrage of delicious meats still to come - all treated differently and lovingly. The pulled brisket served with triple cooked new potatoes was gloriously tender and seasoned so well i endeavoured to elegantly scrape the serving plate for the essence of the flavours. The perfectly wobbly grilled salmon meat was brilliantly paired with zesty quinoa and spinach. And the spatchcocked chicken was served resting on top of the best guacamole i've tasted outside of my own kitchen.
A light and not overly-sweet cake made with what must be an invention worthy of a sainthood - Dulce de Leche - finished the meal off nicely. We felt full and satisfied but not heavy, which i believe is due to perfectly planned menu portioning, and food pairing not too heavy on the carb-fillers.
The people involved are clearly running a tight and well oiled ship (mixing my idioms here, never mind) and know what they're doing. But this is not a cold and calculated business. With so much care and passion about creating a truly unique and enjoyable experience how could this be anything but a fantastic evening!
And the row? By the time the last of the starters arrived, we were already hugging and crying. See? Perfect Latin fuego!