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B&H Handbook, Summer Series

Volume 1, Chapters 1 - 8


The way forward in life isn’t necessarily fuelled by what you know. Scientific evidence reveals that what you appear to know is the prize winner.


And so, where some people settle for Karaoke or a Tuesday night sports quiz, at Bourne & Hollingsworth they know that you’re more interested in testing, socialising and perhaps learning a little on a summery Tuesday evening. 


Ever committed to the intellectual progress of themselves and their guests, Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings are now holding a series of fortnightly lessons. Informal, interactive and irreverent, these tasting sessions embrace a different spirit, drink and theme each time and aim to fill a chapter in the discerning drinker’s handbook. 


As always, this is not critical academia, and exam or even a quiz. An expert, authority or in the worst case scenario a member of the B&H team who happens to know more than most about the subject than most, will conduct a tasting and walk participants through a potted history of the chosen subject. Guests are, of course, encouraged to relax and ease into the evening with a welcome taster cocktail and then pick four other relevant drinks to taste test throughout the rest of the evening. 


Each chapter is vaguely relevant to worldwide events, allowing guests to leave feeling much more confident (if a little fuzzy). It may even instil within them the confidence to join in the next dinner party conversation about said subject with a little more fervour. Now, if only all education had been this way! 


Dates and subjects:


The B&H Handbook: Vol 1: Chapter 1: Champagne and Sparkling Wines 

Tuesday 26th May

In a sort of tribute to the illustrious affair that Cannes film festival is and to make us feel ever so closer to the stars this year, this chapter in the B&H Guidebook will cover Champagne and Sparkling Wines, specifically those favourited by the South of France elite. 

You may learn a thing or two, or you may just enjoy a delicious selection of France’s finest export.


The B&H Handbook: Vol 1: Chapter 2: Cognac

Tuesday 9th June

Perfectly inline with National Cognac Day (yes there is such a thing) join B&H's bartenders and learn how to take this age old spirit from a winter warmer to a sprightly summer tipple.


The B&H Handbook: Vol 1: Chapter 3: Ales and Ciders

Tuesday 23rd June

As festival seasons creeps up on us, learn the ins and outs of this year’s hottest new English ciders and ales. As everyone knows, we’re cocktail folk, so will be showing guests how to incorporate the one of the oldest drinks into new and interesting libations. 


The B&H Handbook: Vol 1: Chapter 4: Summer Fruit Cups

Tuesday 7th July

In perfect time for Wimbledon, don’t be a slave to tradition and discover new and different London based brands who are creating their own versions of the classic tennis courtside tipple. 


The B&H Handbook: Vol 1: Chapter 5: Smoked Spirits

Tuesday 21st July

The Ashes have started and we can think of tens of hundreds of things we’d rather be doing than watching or hearing about the cricket. This loose tie in may save you from a rather dull conversation as this brand imparts their wisdom to all guest. Learn how they embellish their spirits with a beautiful smokiness as the in house B&H bartenders also demonstrate how to gage a similar affect with your cocktails.


The B&H Handbook: Vol 1: Chapter 6: Vermouth and Aromatised Wines

Tuesday 4th August

Aromatised Wines and Vermouth are drinks cabinet staples that go well beyond the Martini or Negroni. In this master class, guests will learn about the various styles and sheer versatility of vermouth and other aromatised wines. From the famous Lillet Blanc and Cinzano to lesser known varieties made using herbs and barks, aromatised wines have a primary role in some of the world’s most exciting cocktails. 


The B&H Handbook: Vol 1: Chapter 7: Caribbean Rum 

Tuesday 25th August

Once, Notting Hill Carnival was a fun and vibrant weekend. It may still be that, but we’d rather take it easy and learn all about some Caribbean rums in the comfort of our Clerkenwell home-from-home. We may even put a bit of reggae on the night’s playlist, just to get us in the mood. 


Tickets are £10 and include a tasting session and a welcome cocktail. 


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