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Two Hungry Girls. One Mission.
To bring Creative Chinese Cuisine to London.

From classic recipes to contemporary interpretations, we want to arrest your palate with the intoxicating flavours of Straits Chinese, South East Asian and Mainland Chinese cuisine. We believe in traditional cooking styles, homemade condiments and service with cheeky smiles. For an alternative dining experience with a Chinese accent, Two Hungry Girls are at your service.

THG Menus always start with a welcome drink, followed by a series of appetizers leading to main courses. We conclude with a dessert grand finale, plus Chinese tea. Sample dishes include:

-Smoky Tea Eggs, Poached Chicken in Lettuce Cups with Ginger & Spring Onion Sauce, Lemongrass Pork Skewers
-Spicy & Numbing Fish, Slow Braised Soy Pork Belly, 5 Spice & Sichuan Peppercorn Slow Roasted Duck Leg, Sambal Aubergine
-Green Tea Profiteroles, Kopi Tarts, Soya Bean Milk Pannacotta with Honeydew Puree

THG operates a Bring Your Own policy, and are happy to suggest wines for pairing.

We look forward to feeding you soon!

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Complimentary Lychee Pimm's Cocktail
Cold Silken Tofu with Century Egg & Black Sesame Sauce... Read more

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Sample menu:

Longan Iced Tea
Cold Silken Tofu with Century Egg... Read more


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Two Hungry Girls is proud to be part of the fight against hunger by hosting this supperclub specially in aid of Action Against Hunger, a global child malnutrition charity whose programme work reach... Read more

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When the weather gets colder, the THG kitchen just gets spicier! In our last supperclub of 2012 we're featuring our favourite hot & spicy dishes to warm your hearts & tummies! Oh yeah, we'll be... Read more

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What would Chairman Mao and his dignitaries have eaten for a Chinese New Year Feast? THG start 2013 with a colourful history of some Chinese favourites whilst ushering in the Lunar New Year of the... Read more

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Is that Spring we see on the horizon? Well it may as well be with our ALL NEW Spring Menu featuring brand new menu items for a fresh season! As always we reserve the right to surprise and delight you... Read more

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We are one! Time flies when you are having fun and what fun it has been. For this very special supper we are featuring some of the hot favourites that have been on our menu for the past year, plus a... Read more


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THG are back to feed you! We're doing our bit for the Action Against Hunger Supperheroes campaign 2013: sharing in what we love which is food, whilst raising money for a great charity.

This menu is... Read more

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In the late 1800s, Limehouse was the original Chinatown of London. There was a
rich culture of restaurants, businesses and life before Chinatown relocated to
Soho, not leaving a trace of it's former... Read more

by Two Hungry Girls Supperclub

After a month of turkey, sprouts and too many mince pies, you are likely to be
in the mood for something different. Our first supperclub of 2015 features THG
classics and blockbusters, so start the... Read more




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Rating: 9

the BackDoor Kitchen attended THG One Year Anniversary Supper! in April 2013, reviewed on 15 April 2013

I've been trying to attend THG supperclub since we met with the girls at my supperclub one year ago. After a lot of failed attempts i finally got to book myself in for their Anniversary event. Well, it was totally worth the wait. With the Mouth-watering chicken and Century Eggs and the Slowly cooked Pork belly winning my favour for the night as incredibly delicious standouts, i found the whole food experience exceptional, rich of different flavours, tradition and variety.

And, as if this was not enough, desserts left all guests amazed. The sinful pandan Ice Cream sandwich and the Kopi Tarts (actual Kopi shots exploding into your mouth!) were absolute number ones.

I always thought food is pretty much related to emotions in a close mutual relationship. If someone asked me i'd say Leigh and Shu's cuisine made me walk home happy. Look forward to seeing what the girls will be doing next.

Thanks to Rob and Simon. I know it's hard to be the human dishwashers!
Good luck to Guan who had his forst supperclub experience as chef ;)

Magical evening

Rating: 10

YKW attended Chairman Mao's Chinese New Year Feast Sunday 3rd February 2013 in February 2013, reviewed on 4 February 2013

Not knowing what to expect, but having attended a twohungrygirls' event before, i was looking forward to the evening's offering. I wasn't prepared for the imaginative, thoughtful and delicious experience we were about to embark on.

My thanks to the fantastic cooks, and to the talented and very endearing 'hungry storyteller', who, in between courses, enlightened and entertained with stories, songs, poems and readings to describe what Chinese new year means to her.

The food delighted with playfulness and symbolism and there was something (and plenty) for everyone. Despite generous quantities, serving plates were meticulously cleaned out.

I'll certainly be looking out for the next event.

Two Hungry Girls Supperclub responded on 8 February 2013:

Thank you for a lovely review! We're so pleased you enjoyed the evening, and hope to feed you again soon:)

fabulous food and service

Rating: 9 attended Aug 3-4: Mamalan, Two Hungry Girls & Wild Serai in August 2012, reviewed on 6 August 2012

Supperclub Summit

I was very surprised to read the previous reviews of this supperclub as they did not match our experience at all. Maybe things changed from one night to the next, and that is the explanation. We went on the Saturday and had both fabulous food and fabulous service.

We were fed extremely generous amounts of food that came in a steady flow all evening. The lamb buns, pot stickers, poached chicken and chilli crab were just some of the highlights. Food was served on platters for the tables to share which was entirely appropriate for the type of food and event. We were particularly struck by the level of service - there were a higher than usual number of front of house staff and all were attentive and friendly. We were particularly impressed that all the cooks also managed to spend time chatting with us about the food. The organiser, Florian, knew his wines well and helped us choose a Jurancon sec that went perfectly with the spicy food. It was also priced fairly.

It is true that the special and unique thing about supperclubs is that they are intimate affairs in people's homes and you get to know other guests. You also normally bring your own wine. We knew this one would feel very different as it was being held in a smart venue in South Ken and was part of a special summer series. My only suggestion would be to somehow find space for mingling over drinks rather than to seat us immediately. And/or have bigger tables so there is more of a communal feel.

I hope the cooks and organisers are not disheartened by the previous comments as the Saturday night was fantastic and very good value for money. They are talented chefs and the organisation and hosting was super-smooth. I write as a professional cook myself.

Two Hungry Girls Supperclub responded on 13 August 2012:

Thank you! Wild Serai, Mamalan & Two Hungry Girls

SupperClubs in private homes are so-o much better

Rating: 3

Kathy attended Aug 3-4: Mamalan, Two Hungry Girls & Wild Serai in August 2012, reviewed on 4 August 2012

Supperclub Summit

Having enjoyed previous feasts by Wild Serai in her home, which featured wonderful, authentic Malaysian dishes (highly recommended), the organisation of this event was a disappointment and poor value for money.

The focus of the passion and skill of the chefs had been replaced by the organiser, Florian Siepert, wishing to scale up the event to make money. Any form of customer service in the planning of the event and during the evening was negligible. SupperClubs are renown for an intimate atmosphere, enjoyed with others who are passionate about national foods. Everyone is encouraged to BYO so that you drink what you think suits best. At the last moment, the organiser informed all diners that BYO was not allowed and then failed to offer reasonable or appropriate drinks. The heavy handed way that he handled the evening, the slow service and the expensive wine, all added up to his event being a damp squib compared to usually fabulous SupperClubs.

Two Hungry Girls Supperclub responded on 13 August 2012:

As supperclub hosts and food industry professionals who are sensitive to customer service, we apologise that your experience was any less than that of a regular supperclub. The venue and the occasion dictated a different situation for us, from which we have learnt and taken your feedback into consideration. Wild Serai, Mamalan & Two Hungry Girls

Great but slow moving

Rating: 6

persephonebb attended Aug 3-4: Mamalan, Two Hungry Girls & Wild Serai in January 2012, reviewed on 4 August 2012

Supperclub Summit

I hugely enjoyed my Two Hungry Girls experience last night. Great food, unique dishes, inventive flair... However, I would echo the other reviewer's comments that it could have been a little more polished - Starter 1 was vinegared Chinese vegetables and could have been on the tables on arrival, whilst the delay on mains and desserts was inexcusable - and what a shame, because the curried crab and the dessert platter were two of the loveliest most interesting dishes I have had the joy to eat in a long long time. Practice makes perfect? Thank you though!! A fab night.

Very Poor Value For Money

Rating: 3

Macandi attended Aug 3-4: Mamalan, Two Hungry Girls & Wild Serai in August 2012, reviewed on 4 August 2012

Supperclub Summit

Our party of 4 have been left feeling very disappointed with our dining experience last night.
We did not expect the sharing plate style of service and really did not feel that we received value for money with what was served. We were also frustrated that the servers forgot to bring rice to our table and so it was served after the main food! Portion sizes for sharing plates on tables for 12 were poor and the wine was not, as advertised, good value for money either.

Two Hungry Girls Supperclub responded on 13 August 2012:

We apologise for the late response and are very sorry that you had a less than ideal service during your time at the Supperclub Summit. With regard to the sharing plate style of service, this is a very typical Asian way of serving food, whether in an Asian family home or larger banquet. It was appropriate for our menu but perhaps should have introduced this style to all diners before the start of the meal. We take your feedback on board and will work to improve things for future events. Wild Serai, Mamalan & Two Hungry Girls.

The quest for inspired Chinese cooking in London is over.

Rating: 9

sharon attended Two Hungry Girls Supper - Sunday, 22nd July 2012 in July 2012, reviewed on 26 July 2012

Turned up a few minutes late, was greeted with a beautiful, sparkling lychee and elderflower pressé in a Hampstead garden under blue skies. Although lychee Pimm's was the official welcome drink, the courteous hosts took my early Monday meeting into account and swiftly stirred up a driver's version of the cocktail. Cosy seating meant that we got to chat with many of our fellow guests, who were great company. But, being that this was a supperclub, the real star was the food. From the delicate silken tofu to the outstanding braised pork belly, from the incredible chicken and shiitake stuffed rice balls to fiery Sambal aubergines, course after course consistently delivered. My highlight was a first taste of real, home-cooked sea bass with spring onion and ginger - a favourite every time I visit a good Cantonese restaurant, but never have the flavours been so rounded, and with so light a touch, than at Two Hungry Girls' supperclub. And for me, no meal is ever complete without dessert. Starting with mango tofu cheesecake, followed by kopi tart - my first, though hopefully not my last - layers of condensed milk and sweet cream with a liquid espresso heart, all encased in a petite, crisp pastry shell... and the surprise ginger and chocolate mini macaron with subtle jasmine tea to finish, made this one happy diner. I'm a stickler for the smaller details too, which many forget. The long stemmed wineglass decorated with fresh mint leaf made for a delicious looking pale lychee cocktail (and all the other diners getting jealous). Low and warm lighting put everyone at ease, dinky china cups made tea taste even better - and the rice, oh the Chinese rice was perfectly cooked: fat, fluffy, sticky, incredibly moreish. So easy to cook, so hard to cook well. Really, the small things matter. Blissed out, more than satisfied, I rolled home, already thinking about how to replicate some of those dishes myself. *****

Good food and company in Hampstead

Rating: 9

savagegal attended Two Hungry Girls Supper - Sunday, 22nd July 2012 in July 2012, reviewed on 23 July 2012

My first supperclub experience fulfilled expectations and exceeded them. Be warned, the food comes out slowly but then it doesn't stop. Savour each delicious course rather than anticipating the next and you may not get too stuffed. Something quite lovely about knocking on someone's flat door, entering their cozy dining room and then get served incredibly delicious food which reflects the hosts' own multi-cultural backgrounds. Highly recommended.


Rating: 10

jman attended Two Hungry Girls Supper - Sunday, 17th June 2012 in June 2012, reviewed on 18 June 2012

Stunning food, dreamy desserts, gracious hosts, handsome helpers, convivial company and cosy surroundings all added up to the perfect evening. Thank you so much, Two Hungry Girls!

Un régal !

Rating: 10

Fuoguli attended Two Hungry Girls Supper - Sunday, 22nd July 2012 in April 2012, reviewed on 3 April 2012

Amazing supper ! The desserts were outstanding ! A homely and friendly atmosphere, lovely hostesses and delicate vintage dishes. Hopefully next time I'll come to London there will be a Two Hungry Girls supperclub.