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The Butchery’s beef classes are the most hands on classes in London, a cow is big, so we just tackle the hindquarter, but do this in hands on detail.
We will cover animal structure, breed and feed importance, ageing, the butchers tool kit and knife technique.
Then as a group we will get down to business, over the afternoon we will break down and completely butcher the whole hind quarter of the cow, each step being demonstrated first, then being done by you.
Throughout the day we will use the whole butchers tool kit, utilising a unique combination of traditional English, Australian and European seam butchery techniques.
As we progress through the carcass we will discuss the anatomy, discover secret butcher’s cuts and talk about what to cook how.
Lots of hardwork involved but dont be afraid, we will take it slow and all techniques are within reach of anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and give it a go.
Dinner, drinks and loads of the delicous native breed, free range pasture fed beef is yours to take away. 
We pack your meat into cryovac or vac pac bags, so they are protected in the freezer or have a 2 week fridge life, however we do suggest planning to have a few friends and family over for a beefy feast, clearing space in your fridge, freezer and tummy as you will take home approx 8kg of beef.
Class starts at 1pm running through till early evening (depends on the group but actual butchery usually finishes about 6:30pm) when we sit down for dinner. Wear comfy, closed in shoes, some warm layers that you can peel off as we warm up working and strong bag for all your meat. Coats, aprons, knives and other equipment is provided.

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Great day!

Rating: 10

richardhurst attended in June 2018, reviewed on 25 June 2018

What an amazing day I had. Nathan and Scott were fantastic teachers and guided us through all the various cuts as we made them. Never knew there was so many! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day

Great time

Rating: 10

barnabyhone attended in May 2017, reviewed on 22 May 2017

I do not think this course could be better. We both had high hopes for the course and they were easily met. You learn the basics of butchery abd a great appreciation for the skill. People are not joking about the amount of meat. Our freezer is now full.

Guys - thank you for a wonderful experience l

Emma and Barnaby

Genuinely fantastic

Rating: 10

jtilling26 attended in May 2017, reviewed on 22 May 2017

Can't recommend this more highly. Nathan and Scott are very knowledgeable and friendly. They take you through the process, breaking down a huge hind quarter into beautiful steaks and joints.

As others have said, bring a big bag. You really will need it to carry all of the beef home!

A brilliant day out

Rating: 10

ross.easterbrook attended in April 2017, reviewed on 24 April 2017

Taking on half a cow with two knives and a saw seemed daunting at first but working slowly through the various cuts with Nathan and Scott made the process very straightforward and enjoyable.

The group was a good size and I would highly recommend taking part in one of The Butchery courses. I would also recommend a small wheelie case to get everything home!

Brilliant day.

Cracking day out

Rating: 10

gregagram attended in October 2016, reviewed on 4 October 2016

Great way to get a better understanding of the food you eat and appreciate the skill required to prepare it. It was awesome hands on work with very thorough teaching and enthusiasm from Nathan the whole day. Cant recommend it highly enough.

Just fantastic!!

Rating: 10

anneserres attended in July 2016, reviewed on 18 July 2016

I had a fantastic day with Nathan and Scott, got to understand so much about cows, meat and how to cut them. I'll never buy meat from a supermarket again. And I had a lot of fun, the company was great and cherry on the cherry on the cherry of this awesome cake, I brought home a suitcase full of beef that I am looking forward to cook following the recipes Nathan and Scott recommended.
I could not recommend this class highly enough!

great beef experience

Rating: 10

richproth attended in May 2016, reviewed on 17 May 2016

Really enjoyed the day - there were 9 people in our group, so we were split into 3s.
The hind quarter of a cow is a big serious piece of meat (and quite daunting). Nathan and Scott were brilliant at explaining the various cuts, techniques needed and the led us through the whole process.

It is quite a long day but very rewarding. Wear shoes that you can stand up in all day. My feet were cold at the end.

Take a number of bags that you can carry when they are very heavy - you will come back with more meat than you expect. (I would also suggest spending the week before eating everything out of your freezer in preparation!)

Will probably come back and do the lamb course - when we have cleared some of the freezer space......

Totally worth it!

Rating: 10

alexmoodie82 attended in December 2015, reviewed on 7 December 2015

I assume if you're reading these reviews then you already have an interest in learning about this kind of thing. If so, I doubt you'll find more knowledgeable and friendlier instructors than Nathan and Scott. Everyone gets plenty of opportunity to get stuck in and the afternoon flew by. I learned a lot from the guys and would definitely consider doing more courses by The Butchery. Oh yeah, and the freezer full of delicious beef at the end was just a bonus. Stop wondering and book!

An amazing experience, cannot recommend highly enough!

Rating: 10

ameenar attended in November 2015, reviewed on 30 November 2015

A really interesting day which started off with hind legs being distributed. In groups of three we watched a demonstrations by Harry and followed. Nathan was on hand to guide and help us with the trickier cuts. We were told about the cuts, how best to cook and prepare.
Nathan and Harry had so many practical tips on how to butcher and get the most out of the meat - my big mistake was not jotting down notes.
Everything about this day was spot on, I could not have asked for a more informative session.
For those of you thinking the course is on the expensive side, I walked out with the following: 2 T-bone steaks, 2 sirloin steaks, 2 rump steaks, a fillet steak, a goose's skirt, two bags of minced beef, a silverside roasting joint, as many beef bones as I could carry and some other cuts I cant remember. Also bear in mind this is top quality aged beef - so I'd say around £100-£150 worth of meat is now in my freezer.
The day ended with a really nice meal and a well deserved sit down with a glass of wine.
I had very high expectations and the course did not fail me, there is not much else to add, the fact that the waiting list for this course is so long tells me everyone else agrees with me!

I highly recommend this event.

Rating: 10

dc attended in October 2015, reviewed on 21 October 2015

Our tutor - butcher and entrepreneur Nathan - was as easy-going as he was knowledgeable and created a great learning atmosphere. The 6 students worked in 2 teams of 3. Each team had a hind quarter and each team-member took turns to implement the technique that Nathan had just demonstrated. The pace really bowls along so be prepared to work steadily for 6 hours on your feet. As a real newbie with no connection to the food industry it was fascinating and oddly satisfying to take the beef apart cut by cut and listen to the comments of my fellow students who were mostly pro foodies. Near the end, with the roasting joint cut, you really do get to bash it! The course is located within an ethical farming framework and as such feels very modern. At the end of it we were generously fed with Chilli con Carne, artisan bread and a choice of wine or beer from the local brewery (delicious btw). What's not to like? The one upgrade I would suggest is saving each set of cuts in labelled containers. This would not only help in learning what each cut is called but would help at the end when dividing up all the various cuts between the participants which did get a bit confusing. Cheers!

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