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Join Nathan Mills at The Butchery to learn about all things meaty. Our archway was chosen so we would have heaps of space to teach you all. The Butchery's classes will be a chance to be very hands on, and to take home all the meat you have worked on or have it stored and aged with us depending on the animal being cut, experience tells us that chicken doesn't age well, but beef gets real tasty. If you cant make it to a class but would still love to have your own bit of beef aged for a special occasion or just because, give us a call or stay posted to our twitter and blog feeds so you can see what is coming in and when it will be ready.

On joining a class you will be provided with a white butchers coat and apron, to wear during the class and basic butchers tools, saw, chopper, boning and steak knives. We do recommend wearing comfortable fully enclosed leather shoes.

Classes are hands on and physical with a small group of 6 students, they are not just demonstrations. All classes end with something yummy to eat.

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by The Butchery Ltd

After a quick knife chat on types, sharpening, holds and cutting techniques
These classes are focused on really getting to grips with cutting a pig up the
right way. In the process you will gain a... Read more

by The Butchery Ltd

After a quick knife chat on types, sharpening, holds and cutting techniques
These classes are focused on really getting to grips with cutting a lamb up
the right way. In the process you will gain a... Read more

by The Butchery Ltd

The Butchery's beef classes are the most hands on classes in London, a cow is
big, so we just tackle the hindquarter, but do this in hands on detail.
We will cover animal structure, breed and feed... Read more

by The Butchery Ltd

What’s in a sausage and why does it taste so good ? Ever thouight you wanted to make your own ? We will talk through a few types of sausage and casing then get roll up our sleeves to create a... Read more

by The Butchery Ltd

If you’re reading this you probably already realise that “not all meat is created equal”.
You have a favourite steak, a preferred age or maybe even breed but have you tried three British native... Read more




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Excellent experiance

Rating: 10

DaveyL attended Learn the Lamb, Love the Lamb in January 2017, reviewed on 27 January 2017

This was a 50th Birthday present from friends.
I was great fun and a brilliant experience. There were 10 of us in the class, 2 to each Lamb, and there was enough room to work and watch
Nathan and Ben were excellent and patient in showing you all you needed to know to butcher the lamb. You work one cut/ part of the lamb at a time. They demonstrate what you need to do and walk around the butcher's blocks helping and guiding you.

You get a real appreciation on how much work goes into your joints of meat and i will look at a rack of lamb differently now, having prepared my own.
But that's not all!
You get to take home around 10kg of lamb and wow what great quality meat it is!
Probably the best lamb i have ever had. So tasty and tender.
I highly recommend this and am looking forward to doing another one of Nathans course

Punish the Pork

Rating: 10

davidkong attended Punish the Pork, Praise the Pork in January 2017, reviewed on 16 January 2017

This was a Christmas present and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time! Despite being on my feet and a bit cold it was hardly noticeable due to the fun I had cutting up pieces of meat and at times was actually therapeutic! It was also a very sociable event. To top it all I got to stuff my fridge and freezer full of delicious pork meat and sausages. This is a highly recommended experience.

Lamb Course

Rating: 10

jonnycraze attended Learn the Lamb, Love the Lamb in November 2016, reviewed on 7 November 2016

I've been buying meat from Forest Hill Butchers for the last 3 1/2 years and have been amping to do a Butchery course with them for at least that long.

Myself and a mate finally got on the Lamb course last weekend and it was well worth the wait! I've done a few Butchery courses elsewhere but none come close to this in terms of learning and understanding the different cuts and how to get to them!

Instruction from Nathan and co. was very relaxed but equally professional & informative. Their mantra being that there are no stupid questions - so there's no need to be apprehensive as it's a really enjoyable experience.

Can't recommend this course enough and already psyching up for the beef!

Cracking day out

Rating: 10

gregagram attended Bash the Beef, Break the Beef - Hind Quarter in October 2016, reviewed on 4 October 2016

Great way to get a better understanding of the food you eat and appreciate the skill required to prepare it. It was awesome hands on work with very thorough teaching and enthusiasm from Nathan the whole day. Cant recommend it highly enough.

A great day - informative and fun

Rating: 10

sallyanne422 attended Punish the Pork, Praise the Pork in July 2016, reviewed on 25 July 2016

I bought this experience for my son's birthday and decided it would be fun to do it with him. We had a great time and worked as a pair on a whole side of pork. Learning is always better when its fun as well and Nathan and Scott made it funny and thoroughly enjoyable. We struggled with string and had a giggle making the sausages and then all sat down together to a delicious stew with wine and bread. We also took home our achievements and will enjoy them for weeks to come. I cooked some of the sausages for supper and they were delicious. I'd thoroughly recommend this course to anyone.

Just fantastic!!

Rating: 10

anneserres attended Bash the Beef, Break the Beef - Hind Quarter in July 2016, reviewed on 18 July 2016

I had a fantastic day with Nathan and Scott, got to understand so much about cows, meat and how to cut them. I'll never buy meat from a supermarket again. And I had a lot of fun, the company was great and cherry on the cherry on the cherry of this awesome cake, I brought home a suitcase full of beef that I am looking forward to cook following the recipes Nathan and Scott recommended.
I could not recommend this class highly enough!

great beef experience

Rating: 10

richproth attended Bash the Beef, Break the Beef - Hind Quarter in May 2016, reviewed on 17 May 2016

Really enjoyed the day - there were 9 people in our group, so we were split into 3s.
The hind quarter of a cow is a big serious piece of meat (and quite daunting). Nathan and Scott were brilliant at explaining the various cuts, techniques needed and the led us through the whole process.

It is quite a long day but very rewarding. Wear shoes that you can stand up in all day. My feet were cold at the end.

Take a number of bags that you can carry when they are very heavy - you will come back with more meat than you expect. (I would also suggest spending the week before eating everything out of your freezer in preparation!)

Will probably come back and do the lamb course - when we have cleared some of the freezer space......


Rating: 10

MaxTu6781 attended Punish the Pork, Praise the Pork in May 2016, reviewed on 9 May 2016

Absolutely fantastic experience and well worth waiting for. Nathan was an excellent instructor with very clear directions and demonstrations and obviously very extensive knowledge and experience.
Topped off with dinner and wine, and a huge bag of pork to take home including a shoulder joint, leg joint, a piece of bacon to cure at home, around 15 sauasages, 7 huge pork chops and 3 escalopes the course represents excellent value.
Can't wait to return for the beef hindquarter and lamb courses.

How much pork can you fit in the boot of a saloon?

Rating: 10

edprygodzicz attended Punish the Pork, Praise the Pork in March 2016, reviewed on 21 March 2016

I never write reviews. So this should tell you about my opinion on this day experience.

It was a fantastic way into butchery, led by a relaxed teacher (Nathan). Showed first then let you follow on your own carcass. Easy to discuss the topic and generally nice bloke. Happy to discuss the business of meat as well as how to butterfly pork shoulder. Apart from learning an awful lot, and having a laugh doing it, the pork is the tastiest pork I've ever eaten. It makes you think about the rubbish that is served up in supermarkets and 'leading' independent butchers.

Needless to say, whether you want to learn more about the different cuts or simply to get your hands on an obscene amount of the best pork in the'll be lucky to find something better to do on a Sunday afternoon!

Totally worth it!

Rating: 10

alexmoodie82 attended Bash the Beef, Break the Beef - Hind Quarter in December 2015, reviewed on 7 December 2015

I assume if you're reading these reviews then you already have an interest in learning about this kind of thing. If so, I doubt you'll find more knowledgeable and friendlier instructors than Nathan and Scott. Everyone gets plenty of opportunity to get stuck in and the afternoon flew by. I learned a lot from the guys and would definitely consider doing more courses by The Butchery. Oh yeah, and the freezer full of delicious beef at the end was just a bonus. Stop wondering and book!