Ipso phyto - The Town & Country Forager


Hello! I'm Chris from Ipso Phyto - the Town and Country Forager!

My concepts about teaching the arts and crafts of foraging, and basic plant identification, is really simple. I believe foraging requires only engagement and patience, and that plant identification boils down to counting! 

If you like the idea of a free lunch and want to learn more about  

  • Powerful, preventative medicines
  • Nourishing, healthful and foods.
  • First aid with herbal medicines  ‚Äč
  • Urban foraging
  • Where to forage?
  • Plant habitats
  • Plant identification 
  • Preparations and uses of wild plants


You need to book on a walk today! These walks are clearly for you! 

On all my fun and informative walks I introduce the easy-to-learn patterns method of plant identification as an aid for you to fast track your foraging skills.

At any time of year, there are always things to harvest, especially knowledge

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Website: www.ipsophyto.com

Email: hedge.u.cater@gmail.com

Twitter: @ipsophyto


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