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Wild Serai is a nostalgic celebration of the very best of Malaysian cooking, with a strong Malay and Nyonya influence.

As a brief introduction, Wild is S——’s moniker, and Serai is Y’s handle. Wild is from Sarawak, Western Borneo and he brings to the team his organisational skills and his ethusiasm for all things tasteful. Serai from London via Kuala Lumpur is the cook and together we pick and source the very best ingredients from Malaysia, ranging from Kangkung to the very hard to get, Bintulu Belacan.

We hope to feature a few ambitious dishes from around the South East Asian Archipelago (Nusantara) and with that promise in mind, we hope you will be able to come to our next supper club and treat your tastebuds to some good old fashioned slow home cooked Malaysian sould food – just the way Serai’s nenek used to make.

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by Wild Serai

Come and enjoy an exquisite Malaysian seafood supper with us at our favourite
wine bar- Unwined in Tooting. We will be serving dishes you won't find
anywhere else in London - our Madagascar King... Read more

by Wild Serai

Come dine with us at our Malaysian Streetfood Supperclub! As kids we used to
love going to night markets in Malaysia (pasar malam) on a Friday or Saturday
night serving a variety of delicious... Read more

by Wild Serai

As the winter nights start drawing in and the weather turns chilly, what
better way to warm up then with a glorious Malaysian seafood steamboat feast.
Steamboat takes communal feasting to a new... Read more

by Wild Serai

We are excited to be launching a Malaysian Supperclub Buffet in the heart of
London! Come join us for some incredible Malaysian feasting including charcoal
grilled satay, spiral curry puffs, rojak,... Read more


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Rating: 10

esteetan attended Malaysian Streetfood Supperclub in June 2017, reviewed on 10 June 2017

The host Yolanda is so so lovely and incredibly generous. We had a wonderful time with the Wild Serai team who put together a fabulous meal. Loved the specially curated street food menu. Flavours were spot on and perfectly balanced. Each dish was prepared with so much love and care! Looking forward to returning.


Rating: 10

irenee attended Malaysian Streetfood Supperclub in June 2017, reviewed on 5 June 2017

What an extraordinary night - an adventure and for a moment I really did feel like we had been transported to Kuching and Penang and so lovely all the aunties and uncles coming and talking to us and explaining about the food and Jimmy was a hoot - he was like the after dinner entertainment

Yolanda , I think is a truly amazing woman , host and cook and to think she is oncologist on top of it all !
The food was fabulous and bountiful , the satay freshly bbqed , the curry puffs and the beef redang so delicious that in fact I am craving it now 2 days later .
I took my Malaysian friend who sets a very high standard for her food and she was extremely impressed . Also a delightful couple we shared the evening with .
We shall be back - it is a truly authentic life enhancing experience
Thank you

Wild Serai responded on 5 June 2017:

Thank you for your very kind review. :) So glad you enjoyed the evening and we hope to feed you and your very warm and lovely friends again soon!

Lovely Food

Rating: 9

j king attended Malaysian Chilli Crab Feast in March 2017, reviewed on 23 March 2017

The food was lovely and the satay in particular took me back to the hawker markets in Penang. Yolanda and her aunt Maria were very nice and took the time to speak to guests.
The chilli crab/lobster was delicious as were the buns, it would have been even better to have had proper utensils ie the skinny picks/forks to really get the most meat out of all the bits.
The only downside was the wait between courses, it would have been better if all the mains had been served at the same time...after the crab there was a bit of a wait for what was essentially some plain rice and 1 very nice prawn and then after that a 40 minute wait for dessert which was tasty but the wait made it a bit of an anticlimax so much so we forgot to take a picture of it for the blog!. Yolanda did say that this was a larger group than usual. The food was very nice and we would go to another of wild serai's supper clubs.

Wild Serai responded on 23 March 2017:

Thanks for taking the time to review and we are looking into the logistics of managing a bigger supperclub at external venues. We do understand the waiting time can be a let down and will look to improve on this.

Thank you for the feedback. :)

Wonderful food experience

Rating: 10

tamaan attended Malaysian Streetfood Supperclub in March 2017, reviewed on 14 March 2017

This was our second time to enjoy the experience offered by the Wild Serai supper club. The hosts are extremely accommodating and friendly and the food is amazing. Aunty Mary's signature Tong Tau Foo and Chee Cheong Fun in a divine sauce was the highlight of the evening. However, we also ended up in a really great company of food lovers and all this amazing food was accompanied by a lot of entertaining banter and laughter. Thank you for the lovely evening!

Wild Serai responded on 17 March 2017:

Thanks so much to the 3 of you for coming! We really enjoyed hosting you and we're so glad that you enjoyed interacting with your group of fellow supperclubbers.😀 Was very nice to see everyone really getting into the food and having a great night out 😀

The best Malaysian food this side of KL

Rating: 10

SimonBland attended Malaysian Streetfood Supperclub in March 2017, reviewed on 14 March 2017

Finding good Malaysian food in London is difficult, if not impossible, so my wife and I were very happy to hear about the Streetfood supper club event.

The dishes were nothing short of amazing, with the most delicious curry puffs, incredible Yong tau Foo and a show stopping Nasi Lemak. The atmosphere was also lovely - so much better than stuffy restaurants.

We cannot wait to go to the next one :)

Wild Serai responded on 14 March 2017:

Thank you so much for your very kind review! So glad you and both enjoyed yourselves and hope to have you both dine at our table again soon! :)

Malaysian food in refined surroundings

Rating: 7

andrewhoinlondon attended Malaysian Sunday Lunch Feasting Menu in February 2017, reviewed on 27 February 2017

For this Sunday lunch supperclub, they had taken over a restaurant in marylebone. The service was fine. It looked like they asked everyone to arrive at the same time 1.30pm which I understand ie its like a supperclub style of serving everyone at the same time. While this can work, the alternative is to stagger arrivals since its a restuatant setting and this might have alleviated the crush at the door and reduced the wait between courses. The food was better than average with highlights being the fish course (prawn, scallop, crab laksa bisque) and the rendang sauce. The lowlights were the duck - the rather nice meet was lost in the spiciness of the rendang sance, the brulee was curdled and the roti was cold/ flabby. The ingriedients to a much better experience is here but the execution could be sharpened.

Fantastic, everyone go!

Rating: 9

sah10406 attended Christmas Chilli Crab Supperclub in December 2016, reviewed on 1 February 2017

I had a lovely evening. I was powering through the end of flu, but still had a ball. Good atmosphere, friendly hosts, interesting fellow diners and, of course, sensational food.

I brought my friends' 12-year-old son for his first supper club as a birthday treat, and he loved it. I interviewed him for his new food blog about his experience and about the food we ate:


Thanks so much to Wild, Serai, Aunty Mary and the folks from 5 Foot Way, especially for welcoming your first junior diner.

Wild Serai responded on 3 February 2017:

Thanks again for coming! Glad you both enjoyed it and thanks so much for the blog piece. Let me know if you need that crash course in the art of Nasi Lemak we discussed!:) Take care

Nostalgic and mood-elevating

Rating: 9

vijaythampy attended Malaysian Chilli Crab Feast in October 2016, reviewed on 2 October 2016

I experienced my first supper club experience here, and I loved it. I went with a couple of friends, but made friends with everyone else around the table. We were a party of 9 adults and 2 children, and the lunch was organised very smoothly.

The cooking was absolutely spot-on and had no weak-points whatsoever. Having lived in Singapore for 10 years, and being a year-old transplant in the UK, I was excited at the opportunity to experience home-made Malay food. I have to admit that the food took me back in time and it was both nostalgic and mood-elevating.

I'd absolutely recommend that you go try the experience out at least once.

Wild Serai responded on 12 October 2016:

Thanks so much for coming! So glad you enjoyed it 😀 Hope to host you again very soon!😀

Great evening & delicious introduction to steamboat

Rating: 10

M&O attended Malaysian Seafood Steamboat Feast in December 2015, reviewed on 6 January 2016

We had a great evening hosted by Wild Serai. We sat at a table for 8 people, with the steamboat in the centre, bubbling away two fantastic broths of chicken ginseng and ginger and tomyam soup.

The range of platters for the broths were fantastic: fish balls, cuttle fish balls, tofu, scallops, prawns, squid, mussels, Chinese greens, noodles, eggs…… just when you think the platters must be finished, there was more available to add to the broth! We made the best of the feast and tried everything provided. The Crysanthemum tea constant refills were a nice complement to all the spices.

Our favourite broth? This was hard to tell. The fragrance from the chicken ginseng broth was phenomenal but the kick from the tomyam soup was also great.

When the steam boat feast finished, we thought we would not have more room, but Yolanda had made delicious homemade moochi balls with various fillings and green tea ice cream. Somehow we found room to try and enjoy the dessert and left extremely happy after a delicious evening with such hospitable hosts.

Wild Serai responded on 13 April 2016:

Thank you so much for the lovely review! Just logged into the page as hadn't seen it before. Was a pleasure hosting you and hope to see you both again soon :)

The best Malaysian food outside of Malaysia with warm, generous hospitality.

Rating: 10

Simone W attended The Ultimate Nasi Lemak (with a kick ass Beef Rendang) in June 2015, reviewed on 7 June 2015

The food was divine and is the best Malaysian food I have tasted in this country and I should know, being Singaporean! To start off, we had massive prawn crackers with chilli sauce followed by chicken satay which was delicious, tender and the satay sauce so good I could have drunk it on its own! The nasi lemak did not disappoint, served in the traditional way with a fried egg, cucumber and ikan bills. The fried chicken was crunchy and delicious but was eclipsed by the rendang, which was mouth wateringly tender and the prawn sambal spicy, fragrant and the Madagascan prawns so huge they were a sight to behold. The kang kong belacan was spicy and so good, to say it was delicious is an understatement. To be honest, I could not pick which dish I liked best because everything was so good and the portions generous. Yolanda and Sharif are such warm, wonderful hosts which made our dining experience such a pleasurable one. If you like Malaysian food, this is the place to come. We will definitely be back!