The Ultimate Nasi Lemak (with a kick ass Beef Rendang)

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hosted by Wild Serai

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We are super excited to be cooking up a storm with what has to be ultimately Malaysia's all time favourite National Dish - Nasi Lemak!

Each different state and ethnic background in Malaysia has its own ever so slightly different version. And its a dish that spans breakfast,lunch,dinner and supper and can be done plain and simple (nasi lemak kosong style) or taken up a notch with a variety of gourmet accompaniments. In the morning, at the crack of dawn in Malaysia's wet markets, hawker centres and road side stalls you are likely to see stacks of small little pyramid shaped parcel filled with a scoop of fluffy coconut rice, fragrant with pandan leaves, a scoop of spicy sambal, quarter egg and a few peanuts,fried anchovies and cucumber, wrapped in a banana leaf and newspaper. At lunch or dinner time the same base ingredients may be served with a piece of fried chicken or beef or chicken rendang and the sambal made a tad more luxurious with the addition of prawns, squid or octopus.

Like all good Malaysians, we take our Nasi Lemak seriously!:) And we recently got into a total rendang frenzy when we hit on the ultimate combination of meat and spices for the ultimate melt in your mouth beef rendang hit. We fell in love at the Wholefoods butcher counter and bought little gorgeous parcels of ox cheek, shin, beef short ribs and bone marrow,wrapped in brown paper, then marinated them overnight in a variety of different spices (think garlic,shallots, chilli,galangal(blue ginger),lemongrass,lime leaves, tumeric, shrimp paste, coriander seeds,fennenugreek seeds,star anise and cinnamon, and then slow cooked the heady mix at 100 degree celsius for 5 hours in our favourite gigantic purple Le Cruset pot, topped off with coconut milk and kerisik(toasted grated coconut pounded to release the coconut oil). This resulted in the best rendang we have ever tasted in our lives, even if we may say so ourselves!We kid you not. This has to be the ultimate beef rendang and you haven't really lived till you have tasted this.We will be blogging the recipe shortly coz this sort of awesome food discovery needs to be shared with the world! :)



Chicken satay served with a spicy peanut sauce

Main course

Nasi lemak 

Fluffy coconut rice served with a variety of accompaniments -egg,anchovy,peanut and cucumber garnish

Melt in your mouth BEEF RENDANG - Malay curry/stew slow cooked in 10 different spices and coconut milk at low heat for 5 hours (please let me know if you don't eat beef and I can substitute for a lamb version)

King Prawn Sambal (Madagascar prawns simmered in a spicy chilli and shrimp paste sauce)

Nyonya Fried Chicken (Chicken wings infused  in a galangal,lemongrass,garlic,shrimp and chilli paste, double fried for extra crispiness. Some say its so good it should be called 'Ganja Fried Chicken')

Kangkung Belachan ( Greens flash fried in a spicy chilli and shrimp paste sauce)




Chendol - wash it all down with shaved ice,coconut milk,home made green chendol jelly

Nyonya kuih



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The best Malaysian food outside of Malaysia with warm, generous hospitality.

Rating: 10

Simone W attended in June 2015, reviewed on 7 June 2015

The food was divine and is the best Malaysian food I have tasted in this country and I should know, being Singaporean! To start off, we had massive prawn crackers with chilli sauce followed by chicken satay which was delicious, tender and the satay sauce so good I could have drunk it on its own! The nasi lemak did not disappoint, served in the traditional way with a fried egg, cucumber and ikan bills. The fried chicken was crunchy and delicious but was eclipsed by the rendang, which was mouth wateringly tender and the prawn sambal spicy, fragrant and the Madagascan prawns so huge they were a sight to behold. The kang kong belacan was spicy and so good, to say it was delicious is an understatement. To be honest, I could not pick which dish I liked best because everything was so good and the portions generous. Yolanda and Sharif are such warm, wonderful hosts which made our dining experience such a pleasurable one. If you like Malaysian food, this is the place to come. We will definitely be back!

They weren't joking when they described the rendang as 'kick ass'!

Rating: 10

Wandle Hens attended in August 2014, reviewed on 1 September 2014

What luck to be just a bus ride away from the lovely hosts at Wild Serai. We had a really great meal and met some nice people. I have a bit of a fetish for anything with peanuts, so satay type sauces are a favorite of mine. The Nasi Lemak was excellent and the beef rendang was delicious. Every dish was so good that it was hard to say no to extra helpings. I left happy and very full. I have much admiration for 'Y', she had cooked for 20 guests and still managed to look serene at the end of the night. We look forward to visiting again.

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