From the Island to the continent - Sardinian night

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hosted by The Backdoor Kitchen

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Labelling the Italian peninsula as "the continent", Sardinians feels already something different from the traditional Italian regionality.

As a matter of fact, Sardinian is a small country within the country. Despite the many different invaders who occupied the island for centuries (the Italians only being the last ones) Sardinia stood up strongly and kept its tradition alive and running through the generations. With its own language, influenced by Spanish, Catalan, Italian as well as ancient languages such as Illyrian and Etruscan, its own family values and rituals, Sardinia also offers one of the most beautiful food scenes of the Mediterrean sea embodying different cuisines and a close, almost visceral, relationship both to the land and the sea.

This is how this menu has been developed: respecting the traditional flavours, stressing out the culinary melting pot and adding a bit of BackDoor Kitchen magic to it.

Thanks to Stefano, Rob's assistant chef, for bringing over from his mother land all the beautiful produces.

Complimentary glass of Prosecco

|Seppie con ripieno di Culurgiones |- Chargrilled squid stuffed with potato, ricotta and mint and splashed by squid ink cream

|Aragosta alla Algherese | - Boiled Lobster topped with finely sliced red onion, roasted celery and carrot and marinated in a sauce made from lobster’s head, lemon, garlic, white pepper, egg and extra virgin olive oil. The ultimate tempation for food sinners.

|Cartoccio alla Campidanese |- Malloreddus (traditional Sardinian durum wheat pasta) sauteed in Saffron cream, tomato, mussel, Sardinian Pecorino cheese, Parsley. Gently baked in grease proof paper and foil. Served with a sprinkle of bottarga (dried mullet roe).

|Porceddu! |- Suckling pig stuffed with Sardinian myrtle berries, garlic, black pepper and Italian herbs. Ever wondered how can this happen without a large, open air wooden fire? Come and see yourself!

Complimentary glass of Sardinian Mirto liqueur - the classic spirit of the island made from myrthle

|Secret dessert | - We gathered up a pool of Sardinian foodies who will just think about it over the summer.

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