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Friends at the Backdoor here we are for our first pop-up series which will hit the vibrant atmosphere of Brixton, just one level up Cannon and Cannon in Market Row. For 3 Sundays Salon@Brixton will be the extended version - and the larger home - of the BackDoor Kitchen. Starting from the 21st of July we will be having a luscious brunch followed by a real Italian Aperitivo experience.

For our second Sunday we decided to present you our own concept of regionality with special regard for our hometown: Rome. A forgotten recipe from Northern Italy plus, a completely reinvented Amatriciana pasta and a very old family recipe to cook one of Rob’s favourite dishes. 3 main courses followed by a dessert and a cocktail to compliment you at arrival.

Wines and more cocktails will be available at our - cash only - Backdoor Bar and there will be a hell of a list!

Welcome to our Sunday foodie extravaganza!



| CARNE SALADA | We might argue that this dish is the less popular ancestor of that amazing cured meat that we all belove under the name of Bresaola. You’ll be served aged beef spiced/marinated in juniper berries, bay leaf, rosemary, garlic, coarse salt and white wine for 10 days. This beauty will be dress with cornichons gherkins, fresh onion, EVO oil, a touch of fresh chilli pepper and accompanied by homemade Bramley apple Jam. All those who tried it are still in a food coma :D
| AMATRICIANA DI ZUCCA | All Romans loved their Mamma’s Amatriciana sauce. This is why this was tested for the first time with a group of fellow Romans: to destroy all ties from home and still feel under the shadow of the Coliseum. We pick the best from all regions: Butternut squash, sage and butter cream from Mantua, Crispy Guanciale from Rome and Orecchiete Pasta from Apulia all mixed together with Parmesan, Pecorino Romano, a dash of black pepper and a caramelized shallot kick. A signature dish.
|PORCHETTA DI ARICCIA A MODO NOSTRO| If there’s anything we really miss here is our hometown Porchetta. Luckily enough Rob had an answer to this pressing need when he was given a secret family recipe to reproduce this iper popular Roman dish at home. You’ll be served succulent slices of slowly baked Pork belly stuffed with garlic, rosemary and black pepper , topped with a wine sauce and laid on a mixed vegetable ratatouille.
|SECRET DESSERT| - This is the first dessert we ever served at the BackDoor so don’t miss the chance to try it again.


AND THAT'S NOT ALL: We'll kick off your Sunday afternoon with "the Sweet Life": a BackDoor bar with Italian cocktails and culinary experiences yet to unveal.


You sit down, grab your drink and leave to us treating you with 3 delicious cicchetti.
Chef will go freestyle - as it happens in all Italian cocktail bars during the happy hour - so dishes will be served randomly on the table. It'll be totally up to Rob's inspiration but expect Real 3D food porn!

You can look at a small sample of possible trios you might be served:

| COMPLIMENTARY DRINK | - this will come anyways and our barman will make sure to make it memorable and Italian for you!

| UOVA GRATINATE e BOTTARGA | Egg au gratin stuffed with Pecorino cheese, chive, lemon juice, boild egg yolk and sprinkled with Sardinian dried mullet roe;

| ARANCINI DI ZUCCA e 'NDUJA | Deep-fried rice balls filled with butternut squash cream, pink pepper, spicy Italian sausage and mozzarella;

| CAPONATINA DI COPPA |Courgette, sultana, pinenut caponata mixed with Roman coppa and Pecorino Romano cheese cream;

| BOCCONCINI DI CONIGLIO | Rabbit Nuggets served with homemade alioli sauce;

| BILTONG E CAPPERI | Cannon & Cannon British Biltong served with a caper, anchovy and cannellini beans cream;

| BRUSCHETTA DI CICERCHIE e BRANZINO | A warm bruschetta topped with a seambream, basil, parsley, carrot, celery and roman chickpea salad;

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