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In 1574Master glazier Valerio di Fiandra and his more promising disciples were commissioned some decoration works on the windows of the Duomo, the huge gothic cathedral right at the centre of Milan.
Amongst those disciples there was one called “Saffron” for his almost maniacal but also incomparable ability in using saffron when mixing the colours so to obtain the brightest and most vivid effects. Valerio used to tease Saffron telling him that one day he would have put the spice even in the risotto.
When “Saffron” actually, as a joke, put a generous touch of the magic red powder into the risotto served at Valerio’s daughter wedding he didn’t know he was about to fail - as everybody was surprised by the exquisite flavor of this weird yellow dish – but mostly didn’t know he was about to create one of the most popular dishes of the Italian cuisine: Risotto alla Milanese (Milanese style risotto).
Following the original recipe, which Artusi gave us from his best-selling recipe book, we try and show our guests that Italian cuisine is not only about the classic red, white and green flag colours but it’s a whole range of vivacity that makes our traditional cuisine appealing to the eye just before your mouth starts watering.

Complimentary RED – the classic Rossini cocktail made from Strawberry puree and Prosecco

BLACK & WHITE– “Seppe al Nero” is a traditional Venetian dish made from baby squids slowly cooked in wine, herbs, garlic and their own ink. Served on toasted bread. Wicked.

GREEN – “Broccoli Polenta with mussels” is chef’s twist on the Calabrese green Polenta. We stick with the colours but change the topping with some juicy and meaty mussels cooked in wine, chilli and garlic with a sprinkle of Pecorino to add on flavor.

PURPLE – “Lasagna pulp” is a BackDoor signature dish. Layers of homemade pasta alternate to layers of Radicchio lettuce, Mascarpone and Gorgonzola cream sauce. Something to try before you die.

YELLOW – “Risotto alla Milanese” Artusi’s original recipe places bone marrow slowly cooked in tomato right in the middle of the risotto once plated. That’s why we love tradition.

TECHNICOLOR – “Bollito” in Italian literally means “hard boiled” but what it means to an Italian when it comes at eating is pork cuts (belly, shank, loin) slowly braised in wine and broth. We lay the Bollito on a bed of caramelized onion and serve it in 3 styles: with 12yo aged balsamic vinegar and sage butter, with salsa verde and Bramley apple jam and with Mostarda (mixed fruit pickled in mustard essence) from Cremona.
ORANGE – That’s the colour of our secret dessert :D

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Rating: 10

nightshade attended in March 2013, reviewed on 20 March 2013

Beautiful dishes cooked from the heart - and probably the nearest you will get to true home kitchen cooking in London. The lasagna with radicchio was a great update to a traditional dish; the Risotto alla Milanese supped up with bone marrow was sinfully good; but it was the pork done three ways that invited collective sighs around the table. Highly recommend you get yourself to The Backdoor Kitchen very soon! Rob and Fabio were very lovely hosts.

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