7 Oct: British Raj by Darjeeling Express

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Rating: 9.0

hosted by Darjeeling Express

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About Darjeeling Express:
After finishing her doctorate in Law, Asma decided to follow her heart and her mother's footsteps and start a food business. She cooks with recipes which have been in her family for generations. The food comes straight out of the Nawabi/Mughal school of cuisine which is part of her heritage.

In addition to her Rajput and North Indian food influences on her fathers' side. Asma has worked for many years in her mothers' catering business in Calcutta and is a specialist in Bengali and Hyderabadi cuisines.

Just like the city, Calcutta which has been the confluence of many cultures and the city where Asma grew up, the food of Darjeeling Express reflects the flavours and tastes of Mughalai and North Indian food, Bengali, Bihari, Rajasthani, Burmese, Nepali and British influences.



Nimbu Pani – sweet Indian limeade with fresh mint



Darjeeling beef steamed dumplings
Veg option: Spinach, Cabbage and Carrot Momos

Chicken Kati Roll
Chicken stuffed flatbread
Veg option: Anda (egg) Roll

Churmur Chaat
A unique Calcutta street food made by the local "puchka-wallahs". A savoury snack made with potatoes, black chickpeas and crushed puchkas (crisps) with a sweet, tamarind chutney.



Bengali Prawn Malai Curry
Traditionally this dish is made at weddings and celebrations. Coconut milk is the fragrant curry for the prawns cooked only with a single spice – turmeric.
Veg option: Paneer Malai Curry

Chicken Chaap
A speciality of Calcutta's Mughlai restaurants
Veg option: Baked Cauliflower

Anglo-Indian Lamb Chop
Veg option: Vegetable Cutlet

Armenian pallau with fresh dill
East India had a significant Armenian population who were traders during the British Raj period. This rice dish is their legacy to colonial Calcutta.



Bengali Chana Daal (lentils)
Panch Pooran Aloo Dam (potatoes)
Puris (fried Indian bread)
Tomato, prune and apricot chutney



* Cinnamon Kheer - Set in earthern pots, a fragrant dessert made with rice, milk, sugar and spices.

* Fruit Chaat- Fresh fruits marinated in lime juice, rock salt and brown sugar

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Rating: 9

sulinong attended in October 2012, reviewed on 11 October 2012

A beautiful evening, with every flavourful dish so lovingly prepared. I could have so easily lingered long and slowly into the late hours over this feast, but the venue deemed it had to end at a decent hour (for most people). I have rated this as 9 rather than 10, so that our wonderful hosts get fired up to host many more fine nights such as this - and surpass their own perfection every time.

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