A Tale of Two Cities

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The cities of Hyderabad and Calcutta are separated by 736 miles- for one night you can enjoy the cuisine of both these cities in a special Darjeeling Express Supperclub. I was fortunate to live in both cities and when I was learning to cook- I made a special trip to Hyderabad to stay with my cousins and learnt to cook from my great aunt and the old family cook. I was born in Calcutta and most of my repertoire is food from that city. The cuisine of Calcutta is a confluence of many cultures- the dishes I am preparing for this dinner include Bengali fish curry in coconut milk, the classic Calcutta street food favourite Puchkas and gur ki kheer which is made with date palm jiggery which is a unique to Bengal. The Hyderabadi flavours and spices are a mix of Southern Indian flavours and North Indian cooking techniques- a combination which has given Hyderabadi food its legendary reputation.




*Nimbu Pani- Indian lemonade with a touch of Himalayan Rock Salt and Sugar


*Shikampuri Kabab- Minced Mutton Kabab stuffed with chopped mint, green chillies in a spiced yogurt mix.

VEG OPTION- *Aloo Ke Garlay- Spiced Potatoes coated in chickpea batter and fried

*Paneer ka Samosa with Lal Mirch ka Chutney- Samosa stuffed with Paneer and chopped coriander served with a red chillies and garlic chutney

*Haleem-Probably the most famous dish from Hyderabad, lentils and lamb are cooked over several hours and then blended to a paste and served garnished with caramelised onions, mint, slivers of fresh ginger and chopped green chillies.

VEG OPTION-*Kala Channa Masala- Black chickpeas cooked with ginger and onions

*Puchkas- the Calcutta version of Pani Puri- for those who have not tried this- only one piece of advice- it has to be eaten in one go-there is no other way to enjoy this classic street food snack


*Bengali Fish Malaikar- A delicate fish curry with fillets of Tillapia cooked in coconut milk

VEG OPTION- *Paneer Malaikar- Paneer cooked in the traditional Bengali spices and coconut milk

*Mutton Dalcha- A classic Hyderabadi dish- slow cooked mutton with tangy spicy lentils tempered with curry leaves, garlic and dried red chillies

VEG OPTION- *Hyderabadi Dal- Tangy and spicy lentils tempered with garlic, caramelised onions , garlic and curry leaves

*Lagaan ka Keema- The name of the dish comes from the traditional Hyderabadi shallow dish in which this minced meat dish is prepared. The burning ember of charcoal wrapped in onion skin is placed in the dish at the end of the cooking process to give this dish a unique smoky flavour.

VEG OPTION-*Bhare Tamatar- Whole tomato stuffed with spiced potatoes and vegetables, topped with paneer and grilled

*Safed Murgh Korma - Chicken cooked in yogurt, ground almonds and poppy seeds

VEG OPTION- *Vegetarian Korma- Seasonal vegetables cooked with yogurt, ground almonds and poppy seeds


*Hyderabadi Channe Dal ka Qubooli- Rice and channa dal layered and "dum" cooked with spices and onions

*Zeera Pallau- Basmati rice tempered with whole garam masalas and whole cumin seeds

*Hyderabadi Baghare Baigan- Small aubergines stuffed with spices and cooked in a onion, garlic and tamarind base

*Bengali Tomato Chutney- The main spice in this chutney is "panch poran" the five spice seed mix which is used extensively in Eastern Indian cooking. Together with tomatoes this chutney has chopped dates, dried apricots and prunes


*Bengali Gur ki Kheer- Ground rice cooked with milk and sweetened with date palm jiggery

*Hyderabadi Double ka Meetha- This dish is known as Shahi Tukra in North India- a bread pudding which is enriched with saffron and nuts and garnished with edible silver leaf

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