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Kitchen Party is an ever changing orgy of drinking, dining and weird culture. Curated by Bourne & Hollingsworth, Kitchen Party’s mission is to gather some of London's most exciting chefs and culinary entrepreneurs collaboratively for the first time in one space, under one roof.

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If you have ever pondered the best way to trim your tipple and fancy up your feast, then The Robin Collective’s Extreme Garnishing Workshop is for you! For three weeks only at Kitchen Party, the... Read more

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If you like your food served with an unhealthy dose of dark humour, immerse yourself in the secret Soviet world of the Russian Revels, a theatrical dining experience like no other. At Kitchen Party... Read more

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If you’re looking for something a tasty and simple to share with your closest friends, squeeze on to a bench at Rack & Ruin, Kitchen Party’s new, and delicious, communal eating concept. With a menu... Read more

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The team behind Mile High brings you their latest adventure: The Great Indian Peninsular Railway, a seven‐course colonial culinary journey from Rangoon to Kashmir.

The setting is a colonial railway... Read more

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7 course molecular gastronomy tasting menu

2011 National Chef of the Year finalist, Sujan started his career working under renowned Relais & Chateaux Grand Chef Peter Tempelhoff. From there he... Read more

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Flavour SenseNation
Pop-up event at Kitchen Party, 2013

Flavour SenseNation is an exciting new interactive event that explores the ways we use each of our senses to inform our experience of food... Read more

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Food designers Blanch and Shock, who have previously provided weird and wonderful culinary masterpieces for the likes of the V&A, the Wellcome Collection (and an exploding cake for Icon Magazine),... Read more

by Kitchen Party

Amuse bouche are exciting and unexpected, that part of the meal that you don’t order designed to get the taste buds working and to get people talking. Its these things we love about food (and drink,... Read more

by Kitchen Party

Selin Kiazim, until recently head chef at award winning Kopapa restaurant in central London, brings her extensive gastronomic talents to Kitchen Party with her restaurant Trinkets for one night only.... Read more

by Kitchen Party

Kitchen Party welcomes Londoners with green thumbs and discerning tongues to a very special seasonal workshop for cocktail and gardening enthusiasts.

Hosted by cocktail connoisseurs Bourne &... Read more




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Fantastic evening

Rating: 10

Huw attended The Great Indian Peninsular Railway in August 2013, reviewed on 8 August 2013

From entering the bar (or should I say railway station) to the rousing finale, this was a fantastic evening. Entertaining and believable actors set the scene and added a huge amount to the evening. I took my parents and the actors made them laugh, while also entertaining much younger people in groups, and couples on a night out. The food was terrific, each course complementing each other well and all of a high quality. This really was a unique evening which will live long in the memory - clearly a heck of a lot of work had gone in to preparing the night, and it was well worth the money.

A perfect blend of entertainment with excellent food and delicious cocktails

Rating: 9

crnb2 attended The Great Indian Peninsular Railway in August 2013, reviewed on 5 August 2013

Kitchen Party's Great Indian Peninsular Railway was a tour de force of well-judged entertainment provided by actors and staff, a carefully created atmosphere, beautiful attention to detail and genuinely excellent food and cocktails. The menu was interesting and amusing but also very well made - the quality of the food made a fun evening into a truly excellent one. More of these sorts of events please!

Good fun

Rating: 9

wendywoo attended The Great Indian Peninsular Railway in August 2013, reviewed on 4 August 2013

A different way to spend a Saturday night in London. The food was fantastic, I especially liked the vegetable thali. Catered well for different diets. Entertaining actors playing their roles on the train which could of been made more of during the night. Bit overpriced as it was £65 the extra for drinks (which were also good) I especially like the Gatsby cocktail.
Would recommend as a good night out for a treat due to the cost which was £80 in total with only two drinks.

great food, great experience

Rating: 8

georgeclayton1 attended The Great Indian Peninsular Railway in July 2013, reviewed on 29 July 2013

This was a really fun way to spend a Friday night - theatrical and well done, with just the right level of audience participation.
Food was really good, personal favourites were the sticky pork salad, the chicken livers, and the delicious dessert cake. An extra (alcoholic) mango lassi thrown in for good measure went down well too!
We thoroughly enjoyed, had good company in our travelling booth, and would highly recommend.


Rating: 8

Chloe attended Flavour SenseNation in July 2013, reviewed on 15 July 2013

We thought this was a really interesting, different, fun and thoughtful event. The two ladies running it made everyone feel instantly comfortable, and I think everyone left having learnt something new. A great idea!

Flavour Sense Nation

Rating: 10

annacurtis attended Flavour SenseNation in July 2013, reviewed on 13 July 2013

I recently went to this flavour sensory experience evening, tucked away in a pub, somewhere near exmouth market, in a side room, a small, well designed marque, a cross between vintage circus and scientific laboratory, with cabinet of curiosity style large luggage cases, glass bottles, two women in lab coats stood ready to wellcome us in and take us on a mini taste tour. After a minute or so of initial awkardness always experienced in group workshop situations, everyone relaxed, joined in as the first experiment was tested upon us and our senses. Being guided round the different stands designed to sperate and reveal how each sense works and combines together. A truly memorable, and enjoyable evening, I would definitely recommend it to my friends, first dates, or anyone with kids.

I'm Edibly experienced!

Rating: 10

Hydrangea attended Flavour SenseNation in July 2013, reviewed on 6 July 2013

I very much enjoyed the event, it was very interesting and entertaining. The experts were knowledgeable and great fun, full of enthusiasm and information.

I learned about how humanity has learned to overcome our inherent fear of Broccoli, and I literally experienced the difference between taste and flavour!

I'm intrigued to learn more about the amazing 'kitchen science' of taste-pairing, the effects of which can be quite most surprising.

Highly recommended, a fascinating experience leaving everyone in the group tongue-tingling and mouth watering for more taste/flavour based experimentation!

Thank you!

Fun and engaging

Rating: 10

grazinggoat attended Flavour SenseNation in July 2013, reviewed on 6 July 2013

Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself at this event. I think the length of time was spot on and it was fun and educational. It was made very clear in the beginning that this was not a food sampling event as such, so there could be no confusion about this. It was all about the senses. Our Hosts really know their stuff and created a relaxed environment to become part of really what is a much greater experiment. The concept and delivery is well thought out and engaging. It was a bit like being a kid again, observing peoples responses to tastes and smells in particular. I left thinking about some of my own experiments, one of which that I duly carried out when eating a satsuma on a bus. Sounds pretty ordinary perhaps? But I'd been Flavour SenseNationed and that satsuma was truly something else!


Rating: 10

feedmefeedme attended Rack & Ruin in June 2013, reviewed on 5 July 2013

Rack and Ruin combines an industrial style grill (meat and veg are literally strapped to a rack and barbecued) with communal dining - think Neanderthal Wagamamas. We were seated and immediately encouraged to help ourselves to ample fresh bread and dips (a mackerel pate and delicious hummous? Hummus? Never know how to spell it, but it was super tasty). Our friendly host invited us to take our wooden 'plates' up to the grill to receive whatever meats we desired - there was steak (medium rare, divinely tender), ribs, lamb, belly pork, chicken and a little aluminium package of potatoes. All of this was accompanied by a bottomless salad of mixed greens and couscous, which we shared along the table. As a pudding, for which I miraculously still had room, we were treated to boozy fruits in a pot, with lashings of cream. Yes, this was as yummy as it sounds. Not too much, not too little, a veritable Goldilocks amount of dessert, I left the dining room thoroughly satisfied and staggered into the Fourth Wall bar to rest my weary tum, and sample some more cocktails.

The atmosphere was great - super relaxed dining, the option to go back for seconds (seriously, I dare you, give it a go - your tastebuds will love you for it), and everyone getting properly stuck in. I'm determined to visit again before it's too late. Never have the meat sweats felt so good.