28 Oct: Island Sunday Feast

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hosted by Lisa's Jamaican Kitchen

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The Jamaican motto is "out of many one people". This is because Jamaica is an island full of heritage, history, and people from various parts of the world. The same is true for the Jamaican cuisine which has influences from the Dutch, Chinese, Spanish, British, East Indian, West Africa, Portuguese and French . It is impossible not to be fascinated with the rich culinary choices of Jamaica. 

From a  early age I developed an interest and love for Jamaican food, especially the food prepared by my grans in the rural parishes in St Ann and Westmoreland. While growing up in Jamaica during summer holidays I was privileged to spend up to three months at a time with my grand parents . I learn to appreciation the meals made from humble ingredients which were either rared in the back yard or grown in the garden. 

After living in the U K for some time and missing that home cooked Jamaican taste, I try to relive these memories by cooking meals using my granny's and mother's recipes. Sometimes I  add my own twist to some popular dishes but mainly sticking to some firm and popular favourites such as jerk chicken , fish, pork and of course the national dish, ackee and saltfish. 

In my supperclub I create authentic Jamaican meals within a warm, homely and friendly environment which is typical of the Jamaican people. My hope is that my enthusiasm and passion for this fascinating cuisine is reflected in the foods you eat at my meals and that you will come away desiring this bountiful and flavorsome food long after you have left .


* Ackee and saltfish with fried dumplings and or Jamaican bread

* Escovitch fish
Crispy fried sea brim with the option of a spicy vinigarette made from carrots, peppers and onions.

* Guava jerk chicken
Chicken marinated for 24 hours in my homemade jerk marinade. Another recipe past down several generations in my family. I add my own tropical twist at the end with the Guava sauce.

* Oxtail stew
A rustic stew of melt in the mouth oxtail cooked from another family recipe that was passed from my gran to my mother and now to me.

* Rice and peas
Basmati rice cooked in a concoction of fresh coconut milk, red kidney beans and a selection of tropical herbs.

* Lisa's potato salad
Baby prawns add a little twist to a firm Sunday favourite.

* Fried plantain
Sweet fried Side dish which accompanies every Jamaican Sunday lunch.

* Tropical Salad
A blend of mango, cucumber and carrot strips in a homemade vinigarette.

Carrot punch
No Jamaican lunch is complete without carrot punch to wash it all down.

* Lisa's Reggae
Grated natural Jamaican cocoa drink with a personalised twist at the end.

* Ripe Banana fritters
A sweet Jamaican treat made from my great gran's secret recipes. A perfect end to your meal.

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