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hosted by Cult Events

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Back again from the depths of Pisco, Pisco Fuego looks to be burning brighter than ever. Now back with our own cocktail bar with some great drinks on the menu from sharp citrus cocktails through to fine chilean and argentinian wines and Brazilian beers - we bring to you a very well balanced evening of food, drinks and latin vibes!

Inspired by the cuisine and culture of Buenos Aries, Mexico City, Santiago and Lima, Cult Events presents Pisco Fuego, a pop up drinking and dining experience that brings authentic Latin American zing, zest and charcoal grilled goodness to the streets of London.

We’ve created an immersive experience that mixes classic asado barbecue cookery with modern street art and live music, all served in a beautifully set-designed venue. Think spit roasted pork, salsa verde, pisco sours and acoustic guitars around an open fire. (Microwaved burritos and Ricky Martin's greatest hits are strictly off the menu).

Cult Event’s Chef Ian Ballantyne (http://ian-ballantyne.blogspot.co.uk/), renowned for his Supper Club ‘The Candlestick Maker’ and the team bring years of experience in gastronomy, mixology and bespoke event design to this project, as well as an abiding passion for Latin American culture. Most of our team have travelled widely in the region, and our aim from the outset was to create an event that would live up to our own memories of nights out there, stocked with colour, flavour and keep-the-band-playing-till-dawn energy.


Our Menu: (http://tinyurl.com/k4k3n8z)


-Chiccarones ‘n’ Pickles-

-BBQ Corn with Chipotle Mayo, Parmesan, Elote Spice Powder & Lime-

-Tamales: Red Peppers & Aubergines, Mole, Salsa Filling Wrapped In Chard And BBQ'd-

-Ceviche of Fish, Tomato, Olive, Green Chilli, Lime Coriander on Tortilla-

-Empanadas- Made with Flour & Beef Dripping Spiced with Cumin, Paprika with BBQ Pork And Roast Peppers-

Served with Curtido (Lightly Fermented Cabbage, Onion, Carrots, Lime Juice Slaw with Chillies And Vinegar) Salvadoran Cuisine, Like Kim Chi-

From The Fuego, Sharing Style:

-Bbq Salmon with Ancho Glaze, Aji Chileno (Tomatoes, Coriander, Hot Peppers (Aji) Onions And Lemon Juice)-

-Guajillo Pork Belly with Habanero Cream, Parsley & Lime-

-Spatchcocked Spiced Bbq Chicken with Chimi Churri-

-72 Hour Cooked And Smoked Brisket N Burnt Endz with Green Chilli Salsa-

Sides And Accompaniments

-Triple Fried Potatoes-

-Fried Plantain with Queso Fresco & Pico De Verde-

-Quinoa, Corn, Spinach, Coriander, Chilli, Pico De Gallo-


-Tres Leches Cake with Dulce De Leche Sauce & Popcorn Ice Cream-

-Petit Fours -Alfajores Shortbread Cookies with Dulce De Leche & Coconut-

• Free cocktail on arrival from our Cult barman... (http://tinyurl.com/l6qur6c) and a fully funtional cocktail bar

• Live vibes on both music & art

• Latin themed décor & curated venue (Mr. Penfold)

For further information on Cult Events and pictures of our food and drink please visit:

Website: www.culte.co.uk
Twitter: @Cult_Events
Facebook: (www.facebook.com/cultsevents)
Blog: www.culteventsblog.wordpress.com

£40+ £2.80 booking fee

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Ramblings of an Inner City Working Girl!: Pisco Fuego!

25 Jun 13 by Ramblings of an Inner City Working Girl!

If this is a cult, i'm a disciple

Rating: 10

YKW attended in May 2013, reviewed on 23 May 2013

It's surely a testament to Chef Ian Ballantyne's talents and demonstrable heaps of passion, that although my friends and i were engaged in a heated and fairly vocal row at the start of the evening (sorry about that fellow diners), we never actually stopped eating. In fact, despite the rising emotions - or is that further evidence to the success of this Latin spirited night? - i remember enjoying every morsel, my appetite refusing to leave me.
The venue was perfectly arranged by Cult Events - the staff friendly and attentive but never overbearing, facilities beautifully decorated and practically comfortable - everything had been thought through to allow us diners to have the ultimate relaxed atmospheric experience, even down to the finger-picking guitarist who was ushered out at the start of the meal, as to not overwhelm the table nearest to him (us).
The food, then. I mean just look at the menu. Watching chef Ian in the open kitchen putting it all together, timing it perfectly with complete focus and dedication to each dish, i did not doubt we were in good hands. The flavours were unique, each dish utterly traditional but with a twist to take your breath away - empanadas, of course, but made of puff pastry and cumin spiced to balance the sweetness of meat and roast peppers filling - what! Spicy tamales naturally, but chard encased - you're twisting my melon man!
I've never been shy about my borderline inappropriate feelings towards pork, in particular of the roast kind, and here was no exception. Although i thought taking more than my fair share of this gelatinous loveliness would ensure satisfaction, i was not prepared for the barrage of delicious meats still to come - all treated differently and lovingly. The pulled brisket served with triple cooked new potatoes was gloriously tender and seasoned so well i endeavoured to elegantly scrape the serving plate for the essence of the flavours. The perfectly wobbly grilled salmon meat was brilliantly paired with zesty quinoa and spinach. And the spatchcocked chicken was served resting on top of the best guacamole i've tasted outside of my own kitchen.
A light and not overly-sweet cake made with what must be an invention worthy of a sainthood - Dulce de Leche - finished the meal off nicely. We felt full and satisfied but not heavy, which i believe is due to perfectly planned menu portioning, and food pairing not too heavy on the carb-fillers.
The people involved are clearly running a tight and well oiled ship (mixing my idioms here, never mind) and know what they're doing. But this is not a cold and calculated business. With so much care and passion about creating a truly unique and enjoyable experience how could this be anything but a fantastic evening!
And the row? By the time the last of the starters arrived, we were already hugging and crying. See? Perfect Latin fuego!

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