AMooseBush is … a rather silly name for our food blog and a bit of an “in joke”.

Amuse bouche are exciting and unexpected, that part of the meal that you don’t order designed to get the taste buds working and to get people talking. Its these things we love about food (and drink… don’t forget the drink!) and why we want to share our food experiences with the world. On our blog we share our food adventures, our culinary successes and our disasters. The main team is:

Baker extraordinaire, Cara bakes our bread and is usually in charge of our desserts, dresses up no matter what the occasion and can typically be found falling asleep at the table before the cheese arrives.

Our tame sommelier Rob is usually in charge of assembling our wine for the evening. He has a very interesting system for categorising our evenings based on how good the wine is. Also pretty good at the ice cream with a tendency to experiment with flavours to the extreme.

Patriarch of the family, Robert is the self proclaimed master chef, a title inherited from generations of Italians before him. Spending most of his worldly years in the food business, he tends to know his stuff. Just don’t let him near the Lingham’s sauce.

A little obsessive and mega control freak in the kitchen. Also quite untidy but then my kitchen is pretty small so I’ll use that as the excuse.

One thing we all share in common is that food is everything, the only thing that matters whether it’s a quick meal or a snack or a long thought out dinner party. Our food can be fussy and dainty, complicated and technical or simple and rustic.

So I guess that’s enough of an introduction for now. Time to get on with it.

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PopUp Challenge

by AMooseBush

AMooseBush are very excited to announce that they will be taking part in the PopUp Challenge Event 2013 hosted by We Are Pop Up and PipsDish.

We are a foursome of family members consisting of... Read more

by AMooseBush

AMooseBush are a foursome of family members consisting of Robert, Fred, Cara and Rob who are on a singular mission to champion the regional Italian dishes that have been handed down the family... Read more




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